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Russian menswear designer Artem Shumov presents its Fall/Winter 2021 collection, moving away from the concept of strict fashion seasons and focusing on more versatile looks adapting to the “new normal” situation. The collection features a wide range of items with basic shades of black, gray, and blue and different fabrics.

Cotton suits, jumpsuits, trench coats, and light wool and silk coats are some of the items in this collection, with polka dot patterns and bold accessories inspired by the Japanese island of Naoshima, where the designer traveled right before the global pandemic started.

“I don’t see the point of fashion seasons right now, no one really knows when they will have to stay at home or go back to the workplace, so I’ve decided to focus on things that I love and appreciate. In clothes, I value comfort more than anything. Each collection is based on my personal experience at the time of its creation, this is perhaps my most personal collection so far. I was very lucky and got a chance to travel to Japan right before the pandemic, so this time I tried to convey the feeling of the Japanese night streets. That mood, when people, tired after a long day at work, enter bars. And this incredible charm of slightly tipsy relaxed people on their way home from the bar. Their freedom, realness, and lack of masks in both literal and figurative sense ”. 

Artem Shumov

Photographer Artem Shumov @artemshumov, models Bey @_bwaters10, Jin @qianb0_jin, Galya Golovanova @golovanova, Evan @ev_poppy, styling by Yung-Ning Kang @uningkang, Vanity Teen online!

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