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Anthony Alvarez x Vanity Teen: BLUEMARBLE Spring-Summer 2021

Anthony Alvarez is the young designer behind BLUEMARBLE that always have been inspired by urban identities and multicultural backgrounds. This time he took the time to share with Vanity Teen the Spring-Summer 2021 Summer Psyche collection of this brand committed to representing the vitality of youth while displaying the truth of a generation that believes in the power of diversity.

Some of you might already know that Anthony Alvarez is as French as he is Filipino and American; thus, besides his origins, the multiple ways the world is connected is an essential part of his vision. For this collection, despite the COVID-19, he has done his best to preserve the integrity of BLUEMARLE and created this Summer Psyche inspired by plural cultures, youth, freedom, and unity.

Be prepared to feast your eyes with some of the fashion pieces of the BLUEMARBLE Spring-Summer 2021 Summer Psyche collection, and enjoy an exclusive interview with his founder, the always kind, socially-committed, and optimistic Anthony Alvarez.

Anthony Alvarez | Exclusive Interview

VT: As a brand, BLUEMARBLE states part of the inspiration that moves to create becomes from cities, youth and subcultures. How would you explain that?

The commonalities between world cultures and the vibrancy of their youth scenes are at the heart of reflections at BLUEMARBLE. It is the starting point of all my collections as I feel it represents plurality, hope, and escapism.

VT:        Among other artists, Pedro Pascal has been seen wearing BLUEMARBLE; what is it like experiencing the good reception your pieces always receive?

It’s always amazing to see my collection on people; I was very honored to dress Pedro Pascal as I am a big fan of who he is.

VT:        What is your definition of creativity and how does it seem expressed in every BLUEMARBLE collection?

Creativity cannot be really defined as it so personal. I would say that for me, creativity is instinctive and a mix between a well thought idea and sudden emotion.

Youth, diversity, and representation

VT:        Let us talk about your Fall/Winter 2021 collection, how do you manage to represent youth while balancing high fashion and urban identities?

Youth is always at the center of my collections. I find the youth so powerful and inspiring. Today’s youth is audacious, shaking reality and redesigning a better future. I try not to focus on balancing my ideas, I really let them and my passion drive me.

VT:        Alongside some important issues, BLUEMARBLE has always kept present diversity and multicultural representation. What can you tell us about this constant topic in your collections?

Through BLUEMARBLE, I try to promote singularity in an environment of differences and multiculturalism, as well as shine the light upon a message of unity. I come from a multicultural family and grew up with people from many different horizons. It is the environment I feel comfortable in.

VT:        BLUEMARBLE has also been taking care of social issues that came up after the pandemic. Please, could you share with us about “UN RÊVE STELLELAIRE” and your collaboration with Protège Ton Soignant, and other amazing things you have been doing for the world we live in?

Un Rêve Stellaire was a project we did for the initiative Protège Ton Soignant. Each brand designed a unique piece that was sold in an auction. The proceeds went to hospital workers, medical equipment, and food for people in need.

I collaborated with artist Marie Victoire De Bascher to create a hand-painted denim jacket interpreting the Bluemarble stellar dream.

Bluemarble has also been involved in helping children and young students in the Philippines. In our last project in collaboration with a French non-profitable organization, we realized that many students were failing courses due to their poor eyesight. We equipped more than 500 students with prescription glasses.

Social commitment is at the essence of who we are at Bluemarble.

BLUEMARBLE Spring-Summer 2021: Summer Psyche

VT:        What do you think about the idea of this decade of the 21st century is showing us new ways of experiencing fashion?

I think that we have obviously seen these past couple of years and more recently through the pandemic that fashion is becoming more digital. Whether digital or physical, fashion will not change in its identity as it will remain an escape and a form of expression.

VT: Could you share with us a bit of what else are you planning for your SS21 collection?

SS21 is already hitting our e-shop. I am planning a pop in Manila and other events that I cannot reveal yet!

VT: What advice would you give to those teenagers who are thinking about starting a career in the fashion industry?

The most important is to be happy whatever you decide to do.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

We are sharing an interest and love for youth. There is so much to share and so much to learn from young people.

For this issue:

Photographer: Jorge Perez Ortiz

Models: Gabriel Besnard and Mateo Garnier by Premium Models

Styling: Hedi El Chikh

Hair & Make-up: Cyril Laine

Casting director: Ikki Casting

Photo assistant: Alexandre Sallé de Chou


Before we go

The BLUEMARBLE Spring-Summer 2021 Summer Psyche collection is like a ray of sunlight that came to irradiate hope and good vibes into our lives. Every one of its pieces shimmers with the intensity of love for life and diversity our new generations breathe and exude nowadays.  Let us remember the words of Anthony Alvarez, and let us embrace our multicultural origins by sharing love and trusting in the power of our youth.

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