André Lamoglia: 100% focused on Elite André Lamoglia: 100% focused on Elite Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

André Lamoglia: 100% focused on Elite

André Lamoglia is a young Brazilian actor currently living one of the sweetest moments of his life and career: he became part of one of the most famous Netflix shows in the world, and he is honestly committed to it because, as he told us, at this moment, he is 100% focused on Elite.

Many of you realize that André Lamoglia has known international recognition before due to his participation in Juacas and Bia, two famous Disney shows made in Latin America. Even though, and most importantly, he also has become a beloved environmentalist inspiring young people from everywhere to take care of the planet and its resources.

The new season of Elite has kept him busy. But he did not want to miss the opportunity to approach his fans and everyone who would like to know him better through Vanity Teen, and we, that love everything he does, are delighted to bring you this exclusive interview. So, take your time to watch the new season of Elite, get comfortable, embrace who you are, and keep reading about André Lamoglia, the guy of the moment.

André Lamoglia: 100% focused on Elite André Lamoglia: 100% focused on Elite Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Photos by: Ricardo Brunini @_brunini
In every picture André Lamoglia is wearing Dolce & Gabbana

Quite an adventure!

VT: How did you get into the acting world?

AL: I started and fell in love with the idea of acting from a young age when I accompanied my older brother, Victor Lamoglia, in his works.

When I was about 14 years old, I was already very involved in backstage his plays. So, I asked my parents to put me in a theater course, and I started studying and looking for opportunities.

My first professional job as an actor was in 2015 in the show Cinderella, written by José Wilker.

VT: As a Brazilian person, how do you feel about the international reception of Juacas and the acting recognition this TV Show meant to you?

AL: I feel that the boundaries in audiovisual are smaller than ever. Streaming services came to minimize possible barriers and popularize good products from different countries. Juacas was my first work at an international level; after all, Disney is a platform known all over the globe.

I am very excited about this opportunity of taking my work to different countries and cultures. Having the possibility of this happening is still a great privilege, so I hope that more and more Brazilian actors have the same chance!

VT: How about Bia? How has that acting adventure been?

AL: It was quite an adventure that started with the intensive Spanish course I had to do before and during filming that TV show.

It was the first series I recorded in another language. So I am very grateful for the opportunities Disney has given me.

André Lamoglia: 100% focused on Elite André Lamoglia: 100% focused on Elite Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
Photos by: Ricardo Brunini @_brunini
In every picture André Lamoglia is wearing Dolce & Gabbana

The most precious assets we have

VT: Despite your success, you have always shown your love for your family and your close ones. What kind of support have they been for you in life?

AL: They are the basis of everything. Family and friends were essential for me to be able to follow my dreams in a career that is sometimes unstable.

I am so lucky to have the family that I have; at this moment, for example, they came to visit me here in Madrid while I am working.

VT: You also have been participating in environmental campaigns. Why do you consider young people need to be really aware of taking care of our planet?

AL: We have more than ever to pay attention to the care of our planet. Leading a more sustainable life, having a daily concern with environmental impact, and preserving the environment are urgent. Or sooner rather than later, we won’t have the world we have today.

Nature is not an inexhaustible source. Deforestation has to be limited; the priority cannot be the growth of industries, for example.

It is also no longer acceptable to prioritize disposables and plastic when we have alternatives. We have many easy ways to contribute to a better world, and if everyone does their part and contributes to spreading the word of important information, everything improves.

VT: Likewise, sports and physical activities have been part of the values you share with people. Would you like to invite people to also take care of their bodies?

AL: Our mental, as well as our physical health, are one of the most precious assets we have.  So, I encourage everyone to try to keep moving, not for aesthetic reasons but mainly for our well-being.

I also think it is important to point out that the idea that overweight people are unhealthy and vice versa is not reality! For these and other reasons, our main concern has to be with our health and, of course, with our own goals and objectives, without using the other as a reference.

Motivating yourself with the others is OK, but not making them reference. In any case, we are all different, and that’s special!

100% focused on Elite

VT: Life has taken you to visit and live in different parts of the world; more recently, Madrid. How has been this European experience? What have you missed the most from Rio, your hometown?

AL: It was amazing! It is wonderful to have the opportunity to experience different cultures.

Living that period in Madrid was a priceless experience. And, of course, what I missed most about Rio was family and friends; but also, the beaches where I grew up, and Brazilian food.

VT: We know your fans cannot wait to see your new projects. But even though we have to wait for a little, what can you tell us about your future projects?

AL: For now, I’m 100% focused on Elite, and I’m still working on this project!

VT: The world is changing, but sadly, still, some people bully or discriminate against others just because they are different. Thus, which message would you like to share with those who might be facing hard times due to those issues?

AL: The first encouragement I would give to someone who is suffering by being bullied or is discriminated against, or whoever sees their neighbor suffer is this: Report it!

Protect yourself and make sure you are reporting in the best way, but do not be silent, look for the responsible entities, and know that you are not alone! And the oppressor has to be ashamed of who he is, not you.

It is unacceptable that in 2022 people still suffer from discrimination based on skin color, sexual orientation, religion, or whatever reason, and unfortunately, it is still a reality. That has to end, and this can happen if we all contribute to a fairer society.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

AL: I want to like to thank you for the interview.

Thanks, Jatniel, for allowing me to speak with a platform that cares about urgent matters. That is thinking about future generations!

It’s a pleasure to respond to who I felt was an ally searching for a much nicer world than the current! And a big hug to all the readers!

Before we go

Part of the success of Elite is pushing the boundaries of how young people should or should not be defined, and that is part of André Lamoglia’s philosophy of life because he is an easygoing person who welcomes everyone as he embraces plurality and diversity.

Just like he believes that there should not be any forms of discrimination whatsoever, he also considers we all should join forces to preserve our planet and have eco-friendly lifestyles. So, we invite you to think about it and try your best to reduce your ecological impact and be kind to every living creature.

Finally, to keep posted on André Lamoglia, you can follow him on social media @andrelamoglia.

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André Lamoglia is represented by Bruna Brandão Comunicação

& Imagem  @brunabrandaocom

Photos by:  Ricardo Brunini @_brunini

In every picture André Lamoglia is wearing Dolce & Gabbana @dolcegabbana

Location: Copacabana Palace @belmondcopacabanapalace

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