Editorial “Yellow” starring Alvaro Bracero @alvarobg14 represented by Gustavo Granados Mgmt @gustavogranadosmgmt, photographed by Juanchy Garcia @juanchygarciaestudio, art director and styling by Jota Garcia @jotagarcia.stylist, assistant by Gabri Cano @gabryfotos, in exclusive Cover Online for Vanity Teen magazine!

Alvaro Bracero @alvarobg14 19y from Spain represented by Gustavo Granados Mgmt.

3 words that describe you
Funny, hard worker and honest.
Your goals in fashion
I’m beginning at this new world but it’s not a problem for me. I’m learning a lot of things about it and that’s fantastic. I always love overcome myself because my life’s challenge is to be a better person. I promised to my grandfather that I would do it.
Your first experience in fashion
It was great! All began thanks to my hairdresser from my city. He told me that they would participate at the “American Crew All Star Challenge”, and they needed three models. One of those models was me! Today, I’m very grateful to him. I will never forget it!
Which brand would you like to catwalk?
That’s a difficult question, but I will try to choose. I think that every person has his/her own style, and my style for catwalking would be a suit, I mean, I would wear a suit because they are great. I adore gentleman style!.
Which is the last song you’ve heard
The last song I’ve heard was”Roses” by ” The Chainsmokers”. It’s a electronic music band and one of my favorites. Every morning, I wake up listening songs like that for motivating myself.
What apps are on your smartphone that you use the most
Instagram, WhatsApp, Spotify, YouTube and Google of course.
Recommend us 3 accounts of Instagram
I can recommend you a lot of accounts, I would recommend you “GustavoGranadosmgmt” ( I will be working with him and its a wonderful agency), “kortajarenajon” ( he is one of my idols, he looks a good person and a fantastic male model) and the last one could be ” Andresvelencoso” ( I think that he has a natural look like me and I love it!
Which model would you like to make a fashion editorial?
I would like to make a fashion editorial with Andres Velencoso. I’m sure we could be a good team and also with Irina Shayk. I know that it’s so difficult, but I never dismiss anything. Who knows? Impossible is nothing!
3 words that describe Vanity teen
Interesting, high fashion and different.