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Adidas Originals Campus Supreme Soles 2023

The Adidas Originals Campus Shoes are back and better than ever

After 24 years since its release, the Adidas originals campus shoes are being reissued and available in stores with various colours and designs. On February 25, the shoes will be released under “Campus Supreme Sole” and available on the Adidas Japan website.

The Campus shoes have been a timeless classic since their release in the 80s, where their original design served the prevalent basketball culture and became popular shoes for NBA players and skaters.

The durability and practicality of the Adidas Originals Campus shoes made them a popular choice in sports and fashion. The shoe became a favourite in streetwear culture in the late 80s and is still a choice for modern outfits.

Please read below to look at the design of the Adidas originals Campus shoes and why they became a top pick for many.

A Closer Look At The Adidas Originals Campus Shoes

The reissued Campus Supreme shoes will feature many of the favourable design elements of the favoured original Campus shoes.

The new design features stripes and distinct heel patches with an EVA midsole that provides a smooth surface within the shoe. The “Campus Supreme” will be available in black and blue, with the iconic three white stripes and the trifold Adidas emblem featured on the shoes.

For more information visit the Adidas Japan website!

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