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Acne Studios Unveils Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Acne Studios, a brand synonymous with contemporary trends, proudly premiered its Spring/Summer 2024 Collection. The artistic brilliance of Jonny Johansson, inspired by artist Katerina Jebb, unfolded with models emerging from a shattered giant disco ball, symbolizing a rebirth of style.

A Denim Dream

Honoring tradition, Johansson expanded his infatuation with denim, featuring collarless jackets and buttoned trousers. Cracked and chalky plaster prints adorned trucker jackets and denim miniskirts, signifying a marriage of the old and new, creating a textured visual delight.

Ribbed knit dresses and vests were showered in feathers, trench coats were cropped to perfection, and chiffon pom-poms were sprinkled across plain and plaid dresses. A trio of a dark brown leather coat, teak leather skirt, and a whitened leather mini dress were complemented with a hands-free single-piece bag, showcasing an intriguing ensemble.

Silk and Mesh Elegance

Silk and mesh pieces relied on the softness of their fabrics to craft a draped texture, offering a contrast to the robustness of leather and denim. The designs played with fluidity and movement, reflecting the brand’s innovative approach to material and form.

The collection saw tradition subverted with unexpected combinations – long lashes clung to a silk top, vests and bras were mixed and matched, and the “disco” runway concluded with a strapless bra top paired with studded square jeans. These bold pairings highlighted Acne Studios’ commitment to pushing fashion boundaries.

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