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8IGB @8igb_communityclothing, a high streetwear skate lifestyle inspired brand, based on strong graphic and dual meaning slogans which often have a spicy twist, presents its collection SUGOIGB for the Fall/Winter 2021 season, which takes you to a whimsical Japan, from Ginza’s offices to the urban style of Shinjuku. It is inspired by the photos of Lars Tunbjörkmixed which transmit an anxiety-inducing feeling that can also be found in the movie “Tokyo Decadence” or in the novel “Stupeur et tremblement”.

In this collection, the brand presents designs with workwear silhouettes inspired by Japanese traditional clothing such as the Jinbei, reflected on the shirts lacing, as well a reinterpretation of the classic uniform of Japanese schoolgirls for the sweaters. 8IGB explores in depth the diverse functionalities of its pieces, experimenting with their applications, with double side pull-on sweatshirts and t-shirts, and jackets, shirts and pants with detachable sleeves and legs.

For the accessories, the brand has collaborated with Béton x Ciré, the French hat brand par excellence, creating amazing pieces.

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