World Tour Exhibition "KAWS:HOLIDAY" Touches Down in Indonesia World Tour Exhibition "KAWS:HOLIDAY" Touches Down in Indonesia Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

World Tour Exhibition “KAWS:HOLIDAY” Touches Down in Indonesia

Starting in 2018 from the bustling streets of Seoul, the “KAWS:HOLIDAY” world tour has journeyed through global hotspots like Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, the UK, Singapore, and the majestic Changbai mountains. It even ventured as far as space. Each destination has been met with overwhelming acclaim. Now, after a successful stint in Melbourne, KAWS and their enduring partner, AllRightsReserved, find their muse in Indonesia, unveiling a staggering 45-meter “Prambanan” sculpture. This masterpiece graces the world’s largest Hindu temple complex, a site recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage location, christened “ACCOMPLICE.”

From Vinyl Collections to World Heritage Sites Six years into the “KAWS: HOLIDAY” global exhibition, the “ACCOMPLICE” persona has been introduced. Initially emerging in 2002 as coveted vinyl collection, this rendition of “ACCOMPLICE” marks KAWS’s first artistic appearance in a UNESCO World Heritage site. The 9th-century Prambanan temple complex, inducted into the UNESCO fold in 1991, stands as a tribute to Hindu deities. It’s adorned with intricate stone reliefs depicting spiritual legends, heroic deities, and a variety of animals. Its striking towers, with the tallest soaring to 47 meters, is an architectural wonder. KAWS, experiencing Indonesia for the first time, will grace the “KAWS: HOLIDAY” Indonesia station during its grand opening on August 18th.

Reflecting on the showcase, KAWS shared, “Showcasing my sculptures in Indonesia is truly an honor. They’ve not only been admired but have seamlessly integrated into the local area’s rich cultural tapestry. Art possesses the magic to unite and inspire. I’m thrilled to contribute to this sentiment through my creations.”

Commemorative Collections To celebrate this milestone, KAWS and AllRightsReserved introduce exclusive “KAWS: HOLIDAY” Indonesia collections. A highlight is the coveted “ACCOMPLICE” collection, which features the 11.5-inch “ACCOMPLICE” figurines available in classic black and a special pink edition. As of now, selections from this series are exclusively retailing at DDT Store, with dispatches slated for September. Stocks are limited, so art enthusiasts and collectors, take note.

“KAWS:HOLIDAY” Indonesia Exhibition Details:

  • Dates: August 19th – 31st
  • Location: Prambanan, Indonesia
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