WOOD WOOD Ushers in a New Era with Fresh Creative Leadership WOOD WOOD Ushers in a New Era with Fresh Creative Leadership Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

WOOD WOOD Ushers in a New Era with Fresh Creative Leadership

Copenhagen’s distinctive label, WOOD WOOD, is set for a transformative journey as it announces the appointment of two new Creative Directors poised to guide the brand into a fresh phase.

Established 21 years ago by founders Brian SS Jensen and Karl-Oskar Olsen, the reins are now being handed over to the innovative design duo, Nana Aganovic and Brooke Taylor. The goal? To infuse the label with renewed creativity and global appeal.

Meet the New Creative Heads

Aganovic and Taylor will collaborate to revitalize WOOD WOOD for an international audience. Their creative vision will be executed across the brand’s mainline collections and its sub-label, DOUBLE A by Wood Wood.

A Legacy of Design Innovation

The design partners founded Aganovic in 2011 after graduating from London’s prestigious Central Saint Martins. Having debuted at Paris Fashion Week in the same year, their brand quickly became renowned for crafting its own unique path, designing ethical workwear with a sustainable perspective. Aganovic then ventured into couture, presenting experimental collections with a distinct personality.

WOOD WOOD: A New Chapter

As WOOD WOOD embarks on this new chapter, the brand looks forward to the creative prowess and fresh perspectives that Aganovic and Taylor will bring. Their blend of sustainable design ethics and avant-garde couture vision aligns perfectly with the brand’s commitment to innovative fashion.

Stay tuned as WOOD WOOD embraces this exciting transition, merging its established reputation with fresh creative leadership to create a new realm of fashion experiences.

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