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Wilsonkaki SS22 “Truly Being Alive”

We chatted with the designer of the brand Wilsonkaki, he presents his Spring Summer 2023 collection, a series inspired by Vincent Van Gogh: “Someone has a big fire in his soul” a selection of pieces, knitted vests, metallic shoulder bags, keyrings shaped like a spark, creating a hypermodern and sentimental atmosphere.

Photographed by Leung Yui Wai @leung_wai_leung
Makeup and hair Chaiyeelam @jovyeechai
Model Leo – лёва @leovumanskiy represented by Elite Asia

– Could you summarize what is the meaning of your latest collection “TRULY BEING ALIVE”.SS22? and why Van Gogh has been a source of inspiration?

“Truly Being Alive” is a process of self-seeking answers. I want to present an abstract idea of being alive, and I think emotion is the best evidence to convey this idea, so I adopt some visual elements in this collection, for example by embodies different forms of fire by visualizing it in various shapes and colors, expressing different emotions that humans feel when being alive.

While researching visual references, I randomly saw the “Cypresses” drawn by Van Gogh that reminded me of his other paintings, so I viewed again all his artworks and investigated his history, and I found a line in his letter to his brother “Someone has a great fire in his soul” that deeply touched me and inspired me to research in the other visual reference field: fire.

– What is the meaning of HYPER MODERN & POETIC and how can you describe your creative journey in building the concept of the collection?

I define hyper-modern as a style between futurism and modernism, with an exploration of life, humanity, and fashion, to offer a new aesthetic with a poetic touch.

Hypermodern and poetic are the brand image and style we want to present. In addition to the ideas and concepts we have in each collection, we also use our own design language to deliver messages to the audience. 

– What were the beginnings of the brand like? What difficulties did you have in getting started?

The first collection was launched at the renowned retailer I.T, and the feedback was pretty good, and within a year of the brand’s inception, I successfully captured the industry’s attention and was accoladed as one of The 10 Asian Designers To Watch in 2021.

In fact, running a fashion brand is much more difficult than just thinking. Like sample development, production, marketing, contacting buyers, and delivery, it takes a lot of skill, knowledge, and networking to get everything going in the right direction, it can’t be done by one person, so I appreciate the great support from all my friends.

– Models are important to present your collections? do you have a casting director for this? what do you base your model selection on?

The model is called Leo, I don’t have a casting director for the shoot, I just picked model comp cards from a few modeling agencies, I didn’t even meet Leo before the shoot, but I feel he has a special temperament that very suits the concept.

– What’s next for you?

I am working on a new virtual project and SS23 collection, both are going to launch very soon. On the other hand, I am going to engage more sales representatives, buyers, and select shops to provide more physical interaction with our customers. 

Get the collection at the official Wilsonkaki store.

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