Will Swinton: A Symphony of Dreams and Resilience Will Swinton: A Symphony of Dreams and Resilience Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Will Swinton: A Symphony of Dreams and Resilience

Will Swinton: A Symphony of Dreams and Resilience Will Swinton: A Symphony of Dreams and Resilience Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

In a world where digital streams are the new currency of music, Will Swinton stands out not only for his soul-baring songs but for his tenacity to bring his music to the global stage. With a voice that carries the raw emotion of Kings of Leon and the modern vibe of Post Malone, Swinton is crafting a niche that’s entirely his own.

Will’s journey is nothing short of a modern musical odyssey, in July 2022 his debut single, “All For You,” soared to No. 6 on the Hot 20 New Zealand Singles Chart, with TikTok views rocketing past the 100 million mark. WIll Swinton is defining what it means to be an artist in the age of social media. His debut EP cements his place in today’s music realm, sharing a melodious mix that promises Better Days for us all.

From Auckland to LA, from TikTok to top charts, Swinton’s tale is as much about his music as it is about his indomitable spirit. He’s the boy who turned internet fame into a burgeoning music career, and his EP is not just a collection of tracks but a narrative of growth, heartache, and resilience.

Vanity Teen sits down with the 22-year-old New Zealander, whose journey from the casual beats of skate park jams to global stages is as inspiring as his music. Swinton’s rise to fame is a testament to the power of genuine connection in an often overly-curated world, where a chance encounter with Machine Gun Kelly at an Idaho bar could pivot a young artist’s trajectory toward stardom.

Will Swinton: A Symphony of Dreams and Resilience Will Swinton: A Symphony of Dreams and Resilience Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

VT: Your debut single “All For You” made a significant impact on the charts. How did it feel to receive such positive feedback so early in your musical career?

WS: I really like that song and it was cool to see that other people were enjoying it too. I had a bunch of people hitting me up that were hearing it on the radio. I even had old friends from school reach out that I hadn’t talked to in years so that was cool. At the end of the day I make songs that I like and it’s always a plus when other people like them too. It’s funny looking back, we were sitting on so much music that was very different. It’s weird to think that whatever song we put out first could have completely changed my trajectory. “All For You” has a distinct style that we’ve sort of stuck with for the past releases. We’ll have to save those other songs for after the EP.

VT: How do you think growing up in New Zealand has influenced your music, and do you draw inspiration from any local artists or cultural elements?

WS: I’m not sure it really has. I was an internet kid so I was always finding my own stuff. I used to scour SoundCloud for music that I could skate to. I used to pride myself on finding music that none of my friends had ever heard of.

VT: The transition from digital platforms to the broader music scene can be challenging. What were some of the hurdles you faced, and how did you overcome them?

WS: I’ve always kept my TikTok stuff separate. If people want to listen to my music great, if they want to watch my old videos and have a laugh that’s great, if they like both we should hangout.

VT: Taking the journey from New Zealand to Los Angeles signifies a bold step in pursuing your dreams. Can you share some highlights and challenges you faced during taking this leap?

WS: The hardest part was convincing my dad to let me go. He wanted me to go to university and become an accountant. At the time I had been working full time, so convincing them that I was going to quit my job and wipe out my savings to travel to LA was difficult. I was going back and forth for visits and even had to sell my car. One of the hard things was just learning how to navigate the industry and find people I could trust. Traveling to LA has been amazing. I’ve been able to make so many great friends and meet tons of amazing artists and creatives that I look up to. I’m not quite sure what I’d be doing had I not taken that leap.

VT: Your upcoming EP “Better Days” seems to hint at a hopeful message. Can you share the inspiration behind this title and what themes the EP explores?

WS: There’s definitely a sad theme with the EP and each song is inspired by my own experiences. I think the great thing about music is that it’s up for interpretation. Anyone can listen to my songs and create their own meaning to them.

VT: Your performances span various prestigious stages from SXSW in Austin to Primavera in Barcelona. How do these live experiences feed into your artistry?

WS: I love performing and I feel like it gives you a unique perspective. Certain songs you may not have been as into, but when you perform them live it creates a new connection. I’m fairly new and haven’t been performing long so it’s fun when I have people coming up to me after shows and becoming big fans of the music.

VT: Venturing into the music industry at a young age comes with its set of challenges and learnings. What advice would you give to other young aspiring artists looking to make a mark?

WS: I wouldn’t say I’m in a position to be dishing out life-changing advice, but I would just say be confident in your taste.

Swinton’s music is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale landscape, a reminder that authenticity can still flourish in an industry often criticized for its formulaic approach. His Better Days EP is more than just music; it’s an embodiment of hope, a testament to the power of dreams, and a beacon for the next generation of artists.

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