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VTeen meets Marfa Stance

We had the chance to stop by the Marfa Stance (@marfastance) presentation during London Fashion Week and speak with them to know more about the brand.

Georgia Dant is the designer behind Marfa Stance, after 15 years working in the design industry for luxury houses she decided to start her own adventure. Believing in developing apparel with a purpose, Georgia founded the brand to bring style and functionality to the market but in a responsible way.

Starting from a very small range of pieces and colours, with their first signature reversible quilt, the brand is now growing and developing new silhouettes and color ways, both for women and men, as they are unisex. Outerwear is their speciality, but womenswear utility trousers and knitwear can also be found in the collection.

Sharing is caring and that’s why Marfa Stance is also about the feeling of community, in between costumers but also families – being able to share your coat accessories with your relatives and friends adds a personal value not all the brands offer. They celebrate the Stance community dedicating a page on their website where they post pictures of costumers and their personal style.

For their last campaign, Georgia Dant wanted to keep it true to herself and to what inspires her, and through friend connections found the perfect faces for the campaign;

“When we decided to shoot this Marfa Stance campaign, I was lucky enough to meet this very wonderful cast of Cornish characters. They are each in their own way looking at things differently and challenging how they are living, with in turn, inspires a lot of people around them.

I was blown away by the rawness and timelessness of the photographer, Ben Weller’s very soulful work which looks to capture the beauty in everyday life. Like him, we are not so abstract in our aspirations but want to design clothes for real people going about their daily lives.

Polly Wilkinson, Ben’s wife was on of our Marfa muses and really is the most creative and inspiring being with such an interesting take on everything. It is very much the reason I decided to work with her rather than a traditional stylist.

They introduced us to Sam, a writer, filmmaker, and surf champion, and his wife Sandy, a therapist and healer. On meeting them I thought, why would we use models when they both have such interesting stories to tell, look incredible and stand for something that is really meaningful.”

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