VETEMENTS x Oakley: A Fusion of Outdoor Punk Aesthetic VETEMENTS x Oakley: A Fusion of Outdoor Punk Aesthetic Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

VETEMENTS x Oakley: A Fusion of Outdoor Punk Aesthetic

What happens when Oakley, an outdoor titan gaining impressive momentum in recent years, meets VETEMENTS with its flamboyant and avant-garde aesthetics? We’re about to find out.

Recently, VETEMENTS revealed its new outdoor cycling glasses series in collaboration with Oakley on official brand media channels. The result is nothing short of fascinating.

The collection reimagines Oakley’s classic frameless design, embellished with metal rivets – a distinctive element of punk fashion. What was once a purely functional piece of outdoor gear now becomes a statement accessory with a wild, rebellious visual appeal.

The punk-inspired glasses produced by this unprecedented collaboration are rich in unconventional colors. They exemplify a distinctive mix of two aesthetics – the rugged outdoors and the radical punk style. This unexpectedly powerful contrast proves to be a surprisingly delightful blend, catching the fashion world off guard.

Whether you’ll be wearing these glasses for riding or to make a fashion statement, the VETEMENTS x Oakley collection will turn heads. It’s not just a pair of glasses; it’s a daring and bold exploration of aesthetic boundaries, paving the way for an unexpected fusion of styles. Prepare to be intrigued and captivated by this game-changing collaboration.

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