Versace Wipes Instagram Account: Signaling a Fresh Start? Versace Wipes Instagram Account: Signaling a Fresh Start? Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Versace Wipes Instagram Account: Signaling a Fresh Start?

In recent times, there seems to be a growing “trend” among luxury brands to cleanse their social media accounts. Previously, labels like BOTTEGA VENETA, BALENCIAGA, and BURBERRY cleared their official social feeds either to circumvent speculation during pivotal periods or to usher in new creative leadership.

Of course, the fashion industry is no stranger to such maneuvers. Often, such a move implies that the brand might be gearing up for a fresh initiative. Versace itself has confirmed that it will be rebooting its Instagram presence later this week (possibly on Thursday). They will unveil their Fall 2023 ad campaign in a magazine-style format and simultaneously launch the new season’s collection. The brand’s intent is to engage with its community and fan base in innovative ways, drawing them closer into the Versace universe. By navigating the digital channels, they aim to continue their brand narrative in a fresh manner and serve their global audiences in the most fitting way, offering the very best of Versace content. As for what kind of surprises and presentation mode await us in the future, we’ll have to stay tuned for the brand’s next move.

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