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VAIN x Mcdonalds: Exploring Repurposed work wear

VAIN began as a design project in 2019 and has now evolved into a prominent independent fashion label with innovative contemporary designs. With Jimi Vain as creative director, the brand collaborated with the fast food chain Mcdonald’s to create a collection of 13 looks made entirely of repurposed work wear.


Although the curated collection has a more edgy, upcycled look, a sense of familiarity emanates from Mcdonald’s well-known logo and vibe. The collection implements both brands’ identities and consists of workwear such as aprons and short-sleeved black shirts with the prominent yellow “M” symbol (as well as a V symbol for VAIN). There are also hoodies and sweatshirts, some featuring quotes eluding to Mcdonald’s popularity and omnipresence.

There’s an array of unique and innovative accessories within the collection, including belts with the McDonald’s logo in the centre, hats with motifs, and white gloves printed with hamburgers.

Read more about the collection here!

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