Unleashing Imaginations: Motoguo's Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, "Para-Pará Phantasia" Unleashing Imaginations: Motoguo's Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, "Para-Pará Phantasia" Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Unleashing Imaginations: Motoguo’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, “Para-Pará Phantasia”

We are bursting with excitement as we reveal a plethora of innovative pieces from Motoguo’s latest Spring/Summer 2023 Collection, Para-Pará Phantasia, now gracing our e-store. The accompanying animation is an enchanting manifestation of our partnership with the acclaimed 2D animation expert, Studio Space Dawg (@space.dawg). Through this whimsical collection, we aim to capture the youthful spirit and imaginative wonder in a tangible form.

A Riveting Blend of Whimsy and Childhood Nostalgia

Our Para-Pará Phantasia collection and its animation extension don’t just mirror the trend but bring a unique interpretation of the same. They encapsulate the magic of childhood, the elusive idea of imaginary companions, and the sense of warmth and familiarity associated with it. Playful personifications of toys, vivid crayon scribbles, and concealed Easter eggs form a major part of our visual narrative, hinting at the presence of an invisible entity hovering around the collection.

A Kaleidoscopic Palette and Hypnotizing Transitions

The enchanting play of colors, shapes, and bewitching transitions in the animation illuminates the collection. It reflects the unpredictable, yet imaginative viewpoint of a child, presenting a dream-like tapestry that is as mesmerizing as it is inviting.

Share in the Magic of the Para-Pará Phantasia Collection

We invite you, our fellow dreamers, to be a part of this extraordinary fashion journey. Visit our website today to dive deep into the Para-Pará Phantasia collection and witness the magic firsthand.

Animation by: Studio Space Dawg (@space.dawg) Music by: Jackson Lim (@itsjckson)

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