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Twitter’s Accessibility in Question Under Elon Musk’s Influence

Possible changes could negatively impact Twitter’s SEO and user experience

Twitter Locks Out Non-users: A Glitch or a Strategic Move?

Twitter users may have noticed a recent change – if you’re not logged into your Twitter account and try to view a tweet, you’re presented with a sign-in screen. For those who prefer to browse the platform without an account, this is certainly an inconvenience. As of now, Twitter hasn’t commented on this new development, leading to speculation that it could be a glitch, or perhaps a strategic move to grow the platform’s user base.

Potential Backfire of Twitter’s Latest Changes

Despite the possible intention of forcing silent lurkers to create an account, this change could potentially backfire. With tweets no longer publicly accessible, search engine algorithms could rank Twitter’s content lower, resulting in fewer people being directed to the site from search engines like Google. Furthermore, the change could be seen as simply inconvenient for users.

Musk’s AI Worries and Technical Errors Amid Leadership Transition

Elon Musk, although no longer Twitter CEO but still deeply involved in operations, may also have a motive behind this change – to prevent AI tools from mining Twitter. Musk has previously criticized Microsoft for using Twitter data, which he suggested was done illegally.

As Twitter’s new CEO Linda Yaccarino settles into her role, the platform has continued to face technical errors. Earlier this week, a large number of users were mistakenly notified of a three-day suspension due to spam. As the situation remains unclear, with Musk still in the executive suite, it seems Twitter’s policies could change faster than ever. Only time will tell what other changes are in store for the platform.

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