Tremaine Emory x Virgil Abloh Tears: Between Art and Fashion Tremaine Emory x Virgil Abloh Tears: Between Art and Fashion Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Tremaine Emory x Virgil Abloh Tears: Between Art and Fashion

A creative coalition between Tremaine Emory (I.G. @tremaineemory) and Virgil Abloh (I.G. @virgilabloh)can only lead to subversive ideas in fashion and art. In fact, this new avant-garde episode, of which the mystery is still preserved, seems to be fully immersed in those powerful concepts.

Emory has unveiled through social media a visual teaser of two pieces that will be part of that upcoming collaborative collection. Garments that are connected by a peace symbol that the artists reinvented two years ago from the original Denim Tears logo. “Made our own flag two years back, then made a sweater of said flag… available soon at the @icaboston“, commented the creative director in the caption.

Now that symbol becomes the key element of the Levi’s pants on which Emory and Abloh have made an artistic intervention. In this sense, the designers’ identities are represented on the denim canvas through Virgil’s iconic “canary yellow” chandelier with which he channels the project THE BRILLIANCE! Finally, a series of tears run in sync across the design closed by an “ABLOH” on the back.

If we zoom in the knitted sweater/artwork, which will soon be on display at the ICA Boston Museum, we can see how they have accurately transferred their cotton flag to a new format. The symbol of creatives and visionaries is depicted in the center, while an “SOS”, the title of the collaborative work installed in 2019, is knitted on the side in black.

This virtual preview may derive into a possible collection under the name “ABLOH TEARS”, blurring the boundaries between art and fashion, between the aesthetic and the conceptual. Leaving aside the enigmatic behind the collaboration, one thing has already become clear to us: here contemporary art is served in large doses. by Laura Perez.

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