Tom Van Der Borght Act 1: a safe cocoon Tom Van Der Borght Act 1: a safe cocoon Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Tom Van Der Borght Act 1: a safe cocoon

Tom Van der Borght “Act 1: a safe cocoon” Collection is created with the famous technique of DIY with very avant-garde shapes and colors, creating a very cheerful and artistic experience. It speaks about a visual representation of different body shapes and even about identities.

This collection could be interpreted in many ways, from a manifestation of how personal identity is shaped on the inside of oneself to maybe the process of a mental breakdown in which you constantly overthink too much. It is a very colorful explosion of feelings that can be defined in many different ways from those who see it, depending on how they feel when seeing it.

There is no doubt this is a clear contemporary masterpiece.

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