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The Tonight Show: Lindsay Lohan Talks About ‘Falling Into Christmas’ and The Possibility For A Sequel To ‘Freaky Friday’

Lindsay Lohan is back on the Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, to talk about her new role in the film “Falling for Christmas,” her new podcast, and the buzz about doing a sequel for the film “Freaky Friday.” The actress and singer is a familiar face for many, given that she has starred in a multitude of cult classics and commercially successful films. Lohan began as a child actor and is most famously known for her role in the remake of The Parent Trap (1998), her role in Freaky Friday (2003), and her role as Cady in the cult classic Mean Girls (2004).

Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon commences by asking Lohan about her recent podcast, “The Lohdown”:

“Usually, you are on the other side getting interviewed. But do you like Interviewing people?”

Jimmy Fallon

She replies by saying:

“I was so nervous when I did my first interview. Because I’m so used to getting the questions asked to me. I’m not used to asking the questions.”

Lindsey Lohan

The discussion then veers towards Lohan’s latest movie production. Recently, Lindsay Lohan starred in the Netflix holiday film “Falling for Christmas,” which she discussed on the Tonight Show. The movie follows a young heiress (played by Lindsey Lohan) navigating life after a skiing trip accident that leads to her acquiring amnesia. When speaking about her recent film, Lohan explains:

“I think it’s a beautiful story because it’s about how we always want more things in life but the simple things mean the most to us in the end. And I connected with that”

Lindsey Lohan
Tonight Show

Within the movie, the track titled “Jingle Bell Rock” is incorporated and sung by Lindsay Lohan. Fallon asks the actress how the song choice came about, recalling how the last time Lohan sang “Jingle Bell Rock” was in her role as Cady in Mean Girls (as part of the movie’s talent show). She states:

“Well, it was a joke actually. I was kidding around with the producers and the director ,and I was like ‘oh it would be great to do, you know, like a Jingle bell rock skit’. So they were like oh can you do the song?”. And so I was like I gotta do the song.

Lindsey Lohan

Fallon then converses regarding a recent interview where Jamie Lee Curtis (Lindsay Lohan’s co-star in Freaky Friday) spoke about a Freaky Friday sequel with ideas for the plot of the movie. Lohan speaks about how “excited” and “distracted” she was when contacted by Jamie Lee Curtis and how her excitement rose when the conversation turned towards Freaky Friday 2, which she exclaimed.

“First of all, let’s just take the fact that I was on set filming at the time, and Jamie Lee Curtis writes you, and you just get excited and distracted immediately. So I had to bring myself down to earth and be like, ‘ok I’m on set, I have to focus’. And then she said ‘Freaky Friday 2’ and then I got more excited.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan then concludes by stating, “we would both be into it” in regards to shooting a Freaky Friday sequel alongside former co-star Jamie Lee Curtis.

Tonight Show

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