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The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen with Trenton Negrete

Exclusive Trenton Negrete‘s @trentonegrete interview for The Lonely Avocado x Vanity Teen!

Q: Did you have intentions to become a popular creator on social platforms or did this happen more randomly? 
A: I began social media through my passion for photography. I would take photos of surfers at the beach as well as friends in LA. After a while, my account began to grow through exposure from friends and the rest is history. I jumped on the traction as soon as I could and began maximizing growth on my pages. I would say 50/50 on the randomness.

Q: We watched an interview where you had said you don’t really watch TV and more so grew up on YouTube. Which YouTube creators inspired you the most growing up?
A: I have tried to stay away from solely idolizing one Youtuber as I feel that I would begin trying to develop myself into a replica of that person. I have inspirations for each aspect of my life. When I was around 12 years old I would watch Sam Kolder’s videos to inspire my creativity. I would watch David Laid’s videos before a workout to get motivated. I love cars, and I would watch just about every car Youtube channel on the platform. 
Q: Do you find now that your content is getting even more popular, that your fans/viewers have certain expectations of you? Do you find that it makes it harder to balance the type of content you put out? 
A: Yes, I do feel that way. I can post certain things that I know are not going to get the best reaction from my audience, but If I plan to change the direction of my content then I know I will have to endure that awkward period where my followers are unhappy with the change. Overall, my followers know me, and they trust the content that I’m putting out. I try to keep the pressure off myself and try to remember that this is all simply for fun.

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