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The importance of scent

The scent is a weird sense, it is the only one that is not directly linked to the logical brain, it goes through the limbic system first, you know, the lizard brain that we all have. The scent is the only sense that can be turned off. After you have been on a farm for some time you do not smell cow dung everywhere anymore. Yes, if you focus you can smell it and it never goes out completely but, it is no longer there as a front-line scent.

The scent is the more memory retentive sense of all. You remember 4% of what you hear, 8% of what you see, and 28% of what you smell. (Do not wholeheartedly believe these numbers as real, as everyone knows 79% of statistics are made up, but trust me with these numbers as they are very close to reality) Scent identifies good food and bad food, that is a survival instinct.

The scent is used for mating. Now we call it love or marriage or whatever, but the scent is crucial for finding your significant other. The scent is used to identify someone we do not like. Not only because that person does not practice basic hygiene but because you smell that person and you sense that something is not right.

There are writings about how we, in 10 seconds, can make up our mind if we like someone or not. When doing that in front of others, the scent has a huge impact on your decision. Scent warns us if something is wrong. The lizard brain and the fight or flight solution. Scent tells us if we like someone and if we like it a lot, we tend to get closer to smell more…. Yes, we are animals….

The scent is also used in language as suspicion, I smell that something is not right here. And that is a tiny fraction of what Scent can do…. the funny thing with all of these superpowers is that we barely use them anymore or we use them at a minimum level. Do you want to be memorable for the girl of your dreams? So why do you smell the same as the other five potential lovers she has?

Let’s face it, she has more than five. How is she going to remember you? If you want to conquer a boy and leave a lingering mark on his clothing or his skin to remember you for… is the regular fragrance everyone uses going to do the trick? Do you want to go to an interview and make a positive impact?

My guess is that every fragrance you wear will not be suitable for every occasion. Do you have just one outfit and with that outfit you do everything? Why do you then have one scent for everything? There are so many uses of a good scent on our day-to-day basis that this article could be going on forever, but the truth to be told is that we can do much more than what we are doing.

My name is Juan, I have a Project called Hueleme Mucho (Smell me a lot) and I want to help people align purpose and scent and I do that through YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, Olfactive consultancy, Online store, and other media.

With this article, I just wanted to give you a heads up on everything we can do, and we will be doing as I will be writing on a regular basis on this magazine. I will be talking about niche fragrances, commercial fragrances, I will recommend fragrances for the season, I will try to show the importance of aligning purpose and scent, being sexy with fragrances, being memorable, killing it at interviews, and, of course, I am open to any topic that may be interesting for you. In the meantime let me end this article with a tip. If you want someone, on a first date, to be a lot into you, then wear a fragrance with Ylang Ylang.

Ylang Ylang is a flower with chemical properties that make the person that is smelling it to be more prone to fall in love with you than any other flower. Being nice, having a cool personality is also something you will still need, but you will see that things will be easier. But Ylang Ylang does not work on interviews… so do not try to use it for other purposes….

This is a fascinating world and I hope that we can walk through it together.

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