Take a look at Kate Moss’s anti-paparazzi t-shirt

Nick Knight, award winning founder and director of SHOWStudio has joined Kate Moss in the creation of a new anti-paparazzi t-shirt with a message for those annoying paparazzi ‘c*nts’.

This anti-paparazzi t-shirt has a hidden message printed in a special reflective material that cannot be seen during normal light conditions, but when a flash light is triggered a message that says ‘F*CK YOU C*NT’ can be seen in the pictures taken.

According to Nick, “the idea for the shirt came from the sense of outrage I felt after seeing footage of a pack of male paparazzi pursuing, hounding and terrorizing Kate Moss”.

Anti-paparazzi t-shirt

If you’re one of those being harassed by paparazzi and would like to get one of these tees, they’re available for purchase in the SHOWStudio store in black and white and different sizes at £61.95 (USD$80).

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/LivLkttPm0c”]

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