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Summer Picture Collection with MyBooker Models Management

Summer Loading…?

One of the seasons the bulk of people of all ages ranging from kids, teenagers, young adults, and even a number of parents look forward to, is Summer. It is pretty much one of those times where a whole lot of others appreciate the colours of their skin, body types, size, and even weight. It’s a time to show off those sexy lingerie, briefs, pants, scarves, and shorts.

Summer 2020 isn’t what a number of us had anticipated because besides the advent of the Corona Virus Pandemic, a few countries such as Nigeria are still experiencing a high amount of rainfall. The grasses on the fields are still very much covered in water; the clouds, very mundane; the constant traffic is keeping everyone very busy; the sun is most definitely not smiling at us and the tides from the oceans are roaring angrier than they used to.

Upon all of these revelations, the head of MyBooker Models Management have collaborated with other multitalented creative in the industry, to remind us – with pictures, how beautiful those neglected times were, the importance of keeping light heads upon what the world is currently facing, and to continue the anticipation of these moments until the struggles are finally over.


Creative Director: – Uchenna Okwudima, Founder, MyBooker Models Management
Photographer: –
Oronce Hounkponou, Creative lead, Oroncehphotography
Model: – Adamu Bulus of MyBooker Models Management

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