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Suicide Boys by Livia Alcalde

 ”Suicide Boys” video by Irene Cacciarini (I.G. @irene.cacciarini + @milky_way_berlin ) with music by Vincenzo Pizzi (I.G. @vincenzopizzi) and photography by Livia Alcalde (I.G. @livia_alcalde , @milky_way_berlin | FB: liviaalcalde ) featuring models Alexiey Barbaro (I.G. @alexiey.barbaro) at Wonderwall Management (@Ww_Mgmt), Gabriele Pecin (I.G. @gabrielepecin) at BraveModels (@Bravemodels), Nicolò Pignataro (I.G. @hoodieindahood) at D’Management Group (@Dmanagementgroup), and Tommaso Colombo (I.G. @7ommasocolombo) at IMG Models (@Imgmodels, @Iam_M.A.R.I.A), all signed at Mother Agency 3mmodels  (I.G. @3mmodels) with styling by Eleonora Pastore (I.G.@ele.past) using pieces from Plus Que Ma Vie, Newerblack, Tom Rebl, Nike,Frau, Paolo Pecora Milano, and Balenciaga. Grooming by Claudia Lacchini (I.G.@claudialacchini).

Special thanks to Americo Cacciapuoti (I.G. @shotbyamerico , @3mmodels ) and Newerblack.

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