“Stop terrorising our world”.  Due to the unfortunate events that has taken place recently, we decided to recall the Fall-Winter 2015 ”Explicit Beauty” collection of  Walter Van Beirendonck  as a way to carefully reflect on it and show the power that fashion and art have by counterattacking vicissitudes.

Displayed during the Fall/Winter 2015 edition of Paris Fashion Week,  the first looks displayed PVC blouses that let viewers read the phrases “Stop terrorising our world”, “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” ”Warning:Explicit Beauty”, statements that reminded us of two events that happened at that time in the French capital: the Charlie Hebdo tragedy and Paul McCarthy’s abstract Christmas tree’s removal from the Place Vendôme, which lasted only one day on display. Could the accessory of an eagle carrying a pendant that resembled McCarthy’s sculpture be a hint? But certainly suppression of artistic expression was one among the main arguments exhibited on the runway. 

Subsequent outfits clearly reaffirmed that as models walking along the venue displayed pants, sweaters and blazers with totemic motifs, a reference to humanity’s fetishism when faced with that he cannot understand, as perceived by the transition between the presence of tribal imprints that appeared at half of the show which motifs tend to vanished little by little to the extend of leaving the last looks with certain marks  on the left side of the clothes.

As sleeves at times and a message on the chest on one of the blouses stated: ”Demand beauty”. The interpretation may depend on the viewer but the message the clothes carried, probably could be read as follows: ”Stop terrorizing our world, an eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind…Demand beauty….EXPLICIT BEAUTY.”