Singapore's Youths In Balaclava Unveils Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: "Hybrid Moments" in Paris Singapore's Youths In Balaclava Unveils Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: "Hybrid Moments" in Paris Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Singapore’s Youths In Balaclava Unveils Spring/Summer 2024 Collection: “Hybrid Moments” in Paris

The fashion brand pays tribute to those who persist and find beauty amidst the darkness of global situations.

Hybrid Moments’ Touches Down in Paris

Singapore’s fashion trailblazer, Youths In Balaclava, has made an official landing in Paris, unveiling their Spring/Summer 2024 collection aptly titled “Hybrid Moments.” The fashion line draws upon global themes, ranging from racial injustice to gun violence in the United States, honoring those who tirelessly search for beauty in the shadows.

The Question of Identity and Representation

This season, Youths In Balaclava is not merely showcasing a collection; they are raising a profound question to their audience: “Who are you and what do you stand for?” In a statement by the brand, they remind us, “This collection serves as a symbol of the masks we all wear, the secrets we hide, the fears we harbor, and the pain we endure. Yet, amidst this, we hold the power to seek beauty and purpose, to take what we have and make the most of it.”

A Stage for Ingenuity and Creativity

The entire runway was an ensemble of ingenuity, creativity, and a bit of drama. Despite its small scale, the event was brimming with innovation, transforming the space into a “robbery scene” and portraying models as “gangsters”. However, this setting led to some unexpected hitches. As the masked-dressed models emerged from the car and stormed the venue, the performance caused some confusion among onlookers who promptly called the police. The local law enforcement even paused the event, but thankfully, it was resolved without further incident.

After the event, Youths In Balaclava took to their official social media channels to extend an apology to those affected. The brand remains committed to pushing the boundaries of creativity and continues to stir conversation about our world’s pressing issues through its thought-provoking collections.

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