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Shanghai Fashion Week SHFWD - Day 5 & 6 Shanghai Fashion Week SHFWD - Day 5 & 6 Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine


Shanghai Fashion Week SHFWD – Day 5 & 6

Keeping up with Shanghai Fashion Week is not easy. As we anticipated a few days ago, there are so many fairs, events, and parades that are piled on the calendar, which lasts for more than a week, that being aware of everything is practically impossible. But there are proposals from which you cannot look away, and which stand out for their originality, their innovation, or their claim to craftmanship and local talent. The fifth day of the great appointment with Chinese fashion begins, as usual, with events in such exceptional locations as Expo Shanghaimart, Art West Bund, or Shanghai Exhibition Center. One more sample of the importance given to fashion in the country, which shows its value and its vision from a prism that, in addition to betting on aesthetics, includes culture, society, and economy.

Club_Cyclinder is the brand responsible for opening the day of fashion shows. The first contact with fashion early in the morning addresses this discipline from a social perspective, focusing on the dynamics prevailing in today’s youth, consciousness, and social demands. After the presentations of Gap, Yingpei Studio, and Reineren, it is Rico Lee’s turn. In its proposal, marked by sports inspiration, adventurous spirit, and extreme experiences, functionality, and design converge. A tandem that is not always achieved, which demonstrates the worth and savoir-faire of the brand. Superr is torn between drama and classicism with retro notes to explore a new meaning of femininity, which it has been creating since 2007 when its creative director Renee founded the brand in Shanghai.

Gxg.Kids, Reflection, and Yuequi Qi also unveil their latest collections today, reaching Selah, who bets on an independent, powerful and intellectual woman, superimposing the details to what is visible to the human eye. Fabric Qorn recovers traditional Chinese aesthetics from a renewed and fresh approach, in which the international profile of its designer Zhao Chen Xi, who studied at the University of California, pays tribute to the legacy of the East by transferring it to a universe connected to the here and now. They are followed by Rue Agthonis, Blancore, and Jacques Wei, whose proposal is based on Parisian haute couture and technical perfection, as well as silhouettes that deserve a special mention.

The sixth day of Shanghai Fashion Week kicks off, one of the most intense in terms of trade fairs. Shows begin at eleven in the morning, and Dumpty is the first brand to present its new work. Then it’s Angel Chen’s turn, who shows us her new collection, “Daughter of the Dragon”. The designer is inspired by Anna May Wong, the first Chinese American Hollywood actress, in a symbolic act of combat against stereotypes and prejudices. Angel continues to consolidate in the international fashion scene, and everything indicates that she will be one of the great names of the post-pandemic era in the industry.

After the shows of D.Martina Queen, Hi Hai and Shie Lyu, and Muse Marry, Funny Dream, it is Jy Jianya who shows its new work. The brand founded by Amy Zheng is an extension of the avant-garde design and architectural heritage. A new look that shows that artistic disciplines are much closer to each other than we think. It is followed by Lous Shengtao Chen, Hipanda, and Robinhood, a Maison with more than seventy years of history, established in Hong Kong in 1997. Skechers Kids is also present at the great event, along with Christophe Terzian, a brand that captivated Luisa Via Roma or Tsum, among many others. And Shushu/Tong, who stars in the last performance of the day. The brand founded by Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang, both nominated for the International Woolmark Prize and included in the “10 Asian Designers To Watch”, shows that Chinese fashion is at its best.

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