Searching in the shadows Searching in the shadows Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Searching in the shadows

Searching in the shadows Searching in the shadows Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine
| Photographer: Riccardo Albanese | Model: Antonio Francesco | Stylist: Leonardo Martino

In an emotive editorial titled “Echoes of Solitude,” photographer Riccardo Albanese immerses us in the complex experience of youth loneliness. Influenced by personal context, social environment, interpersonal relationships, and emotional aspects, loneliness manifests in diverse forms, impacting mental health and well-being. Albanese explores this common theme in youth, highlighting the importance of acknowledging loneliness as a shared human experience.

The choice of location is crucial to effectively communicate the theme of a photographic project. In this case, an old house in Milan becomes the minimalist setting that underscores solitude at home. Elements like an old piece of furniture, a chair, a rusty parapet, and a peeling wall add depth and symbolism to the work, providing nuances to the viewer’s interpretation.

The editorial explores the search for light as a symbol of the true discovery of the joy of living. The manipulation of light in the images becomes melancholic and profound, conveying the message that seeking light will dazzle us. This artistic choice reflects the connection between light, joy, and overcoming loneliness.

Balancing artistic and technical aspects in post-production is essential to enhance the editorial’s concept. Albanese emphasizes the importance of light in photography to convey the connection between seeking light and overcoming loneliness. Each decision in post-production focuses on enhancing the melancholy and depth of the images, reinforcing the narrative of personal discovery.

Collaboration in the development of the editorial was fundamental. With a team comprising the photographer, stylist, and model, harmony and serenity in the work allowed for an inspiring experience. The pre-existing connection between the model and Albanese contributed to creating a calm and enjoyable working environment, enhancing creativity and teamwork.


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