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Sean Suen SS 2021

Sean Suen @sean_suen launches its Spring Summer 2021 lookbook showing a ‘deconstruction of Ancient Greek garments‘ and integrating them into contemporary deigns in order to ‘destroy individuality’ and return to the human essence, nature, trying to build a bridge to connect ‘the essence of human life and its internal emotions and the spirit of the time.”

Drawing on Nietzsche’s “The Birth of Tragedy”, SEAN SUEN invokes the spirit of Dionysius, the divine prodigal giver of sublime inspiration whose resurrection means Life stronger than death, as a symbol of humanity’s desire for Life and its eternal admiration for subsistence.”

“In a world of contradictions and pain, we desire to destroy the taboo, indulge ourselves, dismantle all bonds and return to nature. This is a tragic impulse to destroy individuality, and to return to the original motherboard, a harrowing intoxication threaded into the universe’s very existence through the suffering and destruction of individual lives. It is an irrational state of intertwined pain and intoxicating revelry where souls wander in a state of oblivion disconnected from the self, mired in fantasy and dreams.”

“Deconstructing Ancient Greek garments, he reintegrates their elements into contemporary designs as an expression of his desire to soothe and smooth the trauma caused by this disconnection between the current social chaos and the travails of human existence. Comfortable fabrics and a focus on the wearing experience are meant as a way to wean individual bondage, bridging differences between humans and paving the way to a more fulfilled existence — his desire to build a diverse, free and more viable value system.”

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