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Saint Laurent Rive Droite Super73

Saint Laurent’s (@ysl) appeal can be explored on a deeper, curated, creative and diverse level through its Rive Droite lifestyle range, which allows you to see the deep interrelationship the brand can have in different fields such as photography, painting, culture, and technology. For its most latest release, the house presents “The Ride“, which, as the name suggests, features a series of pieces that capture the adventurous and traveling spirit by combining the passions of motorcycling and surfing, with the main attraction being the brand’s version of the SUPER73-S2 electric bike.

Projecting the house’s appeal of sexyness and elegance, the brand takes its timeless style from the runway into the road with this limited edition electric bike which was designed by the house’s creative director, Anthony Vaccarello in collaboration with American lifestyle adventure electric bicycle manufacturer SUPER73. The result is a mix of elegance and comfortability that reflects the attitude of the modern urban adventurer.

The collection also prepares you to hit the road and ride the waves by including surfboards, swimsuits, denim pieces, motorcycle helmets, skateboards, accessories and more for traveling in style.

You can shop “The Ride” pieces and electric motorbike only at Saint Laurent Rive Droite, 213 Rue Saint-Honoré, Paris and 469 Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles.

Saint Laurent Rive Droite Super73

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