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Rumored Romance Between Shakira and NBA Star Jimmy Butler

Shakira Moves to Miami, New Life, and Possible New Romances

Famous Colombian singer, Shakira, has been linked to new rumored romantic interests since she moved to Miami with her children, Milan and Sasha. Her social life in the United States has seen a significant transformation, engaging in activities such as surfing, soaking up the Florida sun with Gisele Bündchen, attending Formula 1 races ‘in the company’ of Tom Cruise, yachting with Lewis Hamilton, and watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Heat and Boston Celtics.

Rumors Spark with NBA Star Jimmy Butler

Rumors have recently emerged that a romantic spark might have ignited between Shakira and Jimmy Butler, the standout star of the Miami Heat, during one of these NBA games. Both started following each other on Instagram, which has fueled the speculations.

Although there are no pictures of them together, Shakira has dropped hints that could indicate her interest in the basketball superstar. Neither confirming nor denying anything, the artist shared a wordplay on Instagram that has sparked rumors of a possible romance.

Shakira Fans the Rumor Flames with Instagram Acrostic

Capitalizing on the success of her latest song, Shakira stirred the rumor mill by sharing an Instagram story with an acrostic spelling out the word HEAT – “Heroic, Extraordinary, Awesome, Team”. “This is my acrostic for today”, Shakira wrote, referencing her latest song, a heartfelt tune she stars in with her two children.

Shakira’s message might solely refer to Miami’s recent victory in the Conference Finals, where Butler proved himself as one of the top players. However, it might also be concealing a more mysterious and special message. Butler, who is 33 years old – 13 years younger than Shakira – has a daughter from his relationship with model Kaitlin Nowak and had a brief romance with Selena Gomez in 2020.

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