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Rosalia Sings Catalan in New ‘F*cking Money Man’ Video

Rosalia @rosalia.vt Barcelona singer releases double video for ‘Milionària’ and ‘Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero’ in one common project called ‘F*cking Money Man

In the first video called ‘Milionària’, Catalan word for “millionaire”, Rosalia has surprised us singing in her mother tongue. The music video for this first song connects with the second one ‘Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero’ telling a very deep story regarding money and the problems it causes.

Whilst in ‘Milionària’ we see Rosalia taking part on a television program in which she competes in different games to win lots of money, in ‘Dio$ No$ Libre Del Dinero’ that in English it would literally be ‘May God free us from money’ it already gives you a clue of what the message of the song is. In this second video, Rosalia is now surrounded by a fire ring from which she can’t escape and she’s wearing lots of jewels and a very expensive outfit as if she was going to vanish due to the fire even though all the luxury items she wears.

In the first song, Rosalia starts singing ‘I know I was born to be a millionaire’ naming some items and experiences millionaire people do such as ‘One day around Mumbai and the next one to Malta’ or the desire of having money to buy expensive cars ‘I would like to have a white and a green Bentley, but I know I can’t do all of that until I have a lot of money’ and the most important part ‘What I would like to have is F*cking Money Man’

However, in the second song, she starts with ‘Burning millions, let’s burn them’ and on a more poetical side the lyrics follow ‘guts with fire, money crying’  saying money is a poison and asking to push it away from her.

Fans were at first surprised because despite having Spanish as a mother tongue, it is always hard to understand Rosalia’s lyrics without googling it because he shortens words and speaks with a very strong accent as it is common in flamenco music. In addition to this difficulty, many people didn’t know she was going to sing in Catalan and at first, all the Spanish speakers went crazy because they thought they couldn’t understand their own language. However, they afterward discovered that she was singing in Catalan and everything went back to normal.

We love everything Rosalia creates and everything she does and all the music she releases is just sublime and these videos are not the exception. There is no doubt she is going to slay the music industry!

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