Rejuvenate Your Space with BAPE® HOME's Latest Furniture Arrivals Rejuvenate Your Space with BAPE® HOME's Latest Furniture Arrivals Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Rejuvenate Your Space with BAPE® HOME’s Latest Furniture Arrivals

Unleash a new charm in your room.

The product line of BAPE® HOME has extended its horizons by adding more exciting choices for its brand enthusiasts. Having released an array of home accessory products in the past, BAPE® HOME now presents a novel assortment of furniture pieces. These new introductions are forged in collaboration with furniture craftsmen at Karimoku and TENDO.

Explore Various Seating Options

Embrace the single, double, and three-seater sofa styles in the latest BAPE® HOME collection. Not just limited to seating, the series also presents long tables of varying specifications, versatile storage cabinets, and relaxing rocking chairs.

Unique Craftsmanship with Iconic BAPE® Details

Each piece is delicately crafted with a wooden structure and upholstered back cushions. The furniture line integrates the iconic “ABC Camouflage” and “APE HEAD” elements, infusing a fresh breath into your room’s ambiance.

Easily Available

The newly launched range is currently up for grabs on the official BAPE® website and in their retail stores. Elevate your home’s aesthetic appeal with BAPE® HOME’s fresh off-the-rack furniture series. These unique pieces promise to bring a wave of contemporary elegance to your interiors.

Make a Bold Statement

Turn your room into a vibrant hub with BAPE® HOME’s latest furniture arrivals. Highlighting trendy designs and supreme comfort, these pieces will surely make a bold style statement in your living space. The BAPE® HOME furniture series is an invitation to explore a modern realm of home aesthetics. Give your room the BAPE® HOME makeover it deserves.

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