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Rebel’s Aesthetic by Diana Hernandez

Photographer Diana Hernandez @Dhl96 presents Rebel’s Aesthetic, a fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Hugh Harrison @dlab.hcra represented by State Management @statemgmt.

“Our goal was to create a purely rock-punk style editorial, some photos with low light in a dark and sober environment, where the fashion designer was a big key to achieve it,” says the photographer. “She was inspired by her style and my ideas and she drew, created, and made the pieces of each photo, where we got exactly the vibe we wanted. The model connected perfectly with the style we wanted for this editorial, he inspired us and seemed to tell us a story in each photo, we felt in him something that has to come out strongly to create a revolution he wants people with a high level of consciousness, people with love and passion for what they do. Hugh wears atemporal fashion looks, where he is himself because he connects with the deep energy he carries inside and that is the message we want to share, be free and be yourself.”

The equipment used was an XT4 Fujifilm camera and the shooting took place in FD photo studio New York.

Model Hugh Harrison @dlab.hcra represented by State Management @statemgmt photographed by Diana Hernandez @Dhl96, styled by Saint Germain @Saintgermainnyc, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

Text edited by Adrian Gomis @adriange_

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