Nostagia NYC by Kyl Zhiyu Qu Nostagia NYC by Kyl Zhiyu Qu Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Nostagia NYC by Kyl Zhiyu Qu

Photographed at Chelsea, New York, the New York-based fashion art and portrait photographer Kyl Zhiyu Qu @kioyuqu worked with the stunning model Amber Zhaoyang Wang @amberwangwzy represented by Posche Model International @poschemodesintl for this fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

The editorial is inspired by one of the photographer’s daily thoughts  “Time is fleeting”. Those moments that seem to be used to us will turn around soon and disappear quickly, they are beautiful but unabiding. It could be a sound, a kind of smell or even a glance. “I want to combine the beauty of art with fashion. So this sense of impermanence pushes me to be as a recorder, and retain what I am obsessed with,” says the photographer. Both Amber and Kyl Zhiyu Qu have a passion for fashion and art, which drives them to work together. 

The story I want to tell is about the chemistry of a Chinese girl caught in the cultural clash from Chelsea. She was influenced by the environment and became the better one.

The main idea was that in order to show a multi-faceted Amber, the team should look for emotions in different environments. “As we walked through the streets of Chelsea, there was no doubt that the ambience of the city inspired her ambition, and she acted like a sensitive angel when in the room and on the balcony. Finally, it did turn out like I intended. I feel certain that these different looks made her up vivid.”

The photographer used a Canon 5D3 with a 24-70mm lens and the lighting is Profoto B10. “Amber is confident and can strike strong poses, sometimes I feel she is sexy while pulling off the black outfits. Also, she has an emotionally sensitive side. We really had an unforgettable experience.”

Mode Amber Zhaoyang Wang @amberwangwzy represented by Posche Model International @poschemodesintl photographed by Kyl Zhiyu Qu @kioyuqu styling wearwardrobe @wear.wardrobe , exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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