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New Suede Converse Sneakers by Stüssy

Just two weeks after celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Milan boutique store, the American clothing brand Stüssy has partnered with everyone’s favorite classic sneakers to create a line of Stüssy for Converse . The shoes will be available to purchase in Converse stores and on their website beginning December 2 (I know what’s going on my Christmas wishlist this year!).

The collaboration feels completely natural, given that the two brands have quite an overlap in their audience. Both are popular in surfer, skater, street, and punk subcultures. Founder Shawn Stüssy has always been reluctant to label the style of his clothing, and it has been widely adopted by surfers in California, hip hop artists on the East Coast, and just about everything in between.

Stüssy for Converse come crafted in suede and are available in three color schemes: all black, green with black sole (somewhere between pine and emerald green), and “mauve mist” with black sole, which looks like a very faint lavender. Vintage colors were chosen to complement the classic sneaker model, One Star ’74.

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