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Netflix 2021: the best new youth series to watch this June

June doesn’t just mark that we’re in the middle of 2021. No, of course not. It’s also a month where many premieres and new seasons are coming to Netflix. Especially productions where the protagonists are young.

And it is that the new generations demand new protagonists. This is not to say that if Netflix releases a classic like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air we won’t see it, but we’re always looking for new things that make us stick to the screen and leave our mouths open when we think we already know what’s going to happen.

That is why you should not leave aside the new bets that the productions are taking, since there are several surprises to see in different places. Especially on Netflix.

That’s why, in Vanity Teen, we leave you the best new youth series that you can watch on Netflix this June:

Sweet Tooth – Season 1:

DC and Netflix surprised us when they announced an adaptation of Jeff Lemire’s comic, and even more so when they premiered the first season of Sweet Tooth. Sum up the series in one word? Magnificent.

Beyond the dystopian theme where society ended up in ruins for fear of new humans who were born hybrids with animal parts (yes, in the best X-men style), the series shows you the more human side of those who wander through the different landscapes present in the production. Pure forests, settlements, ruined cities, there are for all tastes.

But, beyond the characters, it’s Gus who takes all the awards. Played by Christian Convery, the young man with deer parts will embark on an adventure along with Tommy Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) to discover his origins, what was left of society, more humans, and new worlds to know, away from the safety of the forest he knows.

Ragnarok – Season 2:

While Marvel left Netflix and now premieres series like Loki (which is also great) on Disney+, that doesn’t mean the platform stops producing series about superheroes, mythology, and fantasy. In fact, there are many more than before.

One of the bets that were a success during 2020 was the premiere of Ragnarok and, for this year, the second season has been a hit.

Far from being set in Asgard (because let’s remember, it was destroyed by Surtur), the series takes place in the village of Edda in Hordaland (Western Norway) and stars Magne Seier (David Stakston), who is Thor’s reincarnation and must stop the Jutul family, who are actually Jötunn posing as humans and who are wreaking havoc to destroy the planet.

Elite – Season 4 (18/06):

Since June started, there has been talking about the fourth season of Elite. One of the best youth series of the moment since its premiere in 2018, it has not stopped conquering fans around the world.

The fun, madness, and chaos will return to Las Encinas high school when a new principal arrives to put the school and students in “order.” In addition to the new principal, his children will be present as new students of Las Encinas to turn everyone upside down equally. Mind you, these guys of “saints” -like the director- have nothing.

The A List – Season 2 (25/06):

Direct from the BBC, Uncle Netflix brought us the second season of one of the youth thrillers of the moment: The A List.

Following the adventures of Mia (Lisa Ambalavanar) in an unusual summer camp, the young woman must continue to unravel the secrets that lie on Peregrine Island and discover the evil that stalks her and her new group of friends.

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