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The music in the shows TOPMAN + J.W. Anderson

Fashion Week in currently taking place in Milan, where we get to see the latest trends, faces, and newest collections launched by the best designers.

Something important that comes with every runway is music. Curators spend hours selecting the perfect tracks to accompany their collection and create the perfect connection between their clothes, the models, and the music.

Take Topman’s Spring / Summer London Collection as an example, which decided to use “Two Hearts” from NZCA Lines at the climax of their runway.

Scenery also plays an important part during Fashion Week.

Take a look at J.W. Anderson’s runway, where models walked across very narrow halls, and with David Bowie’s voice narrating “Peter and the Wolf”. Interesting choice. Both the clothes and the music are as odd as expected. Then, the beat begins, completely changing the mood of the show. Not for long though. A few minutes later, a piano ballad from ‘The Little Prince’ called “Preparation” begins playing, adding yet another surrealistic element to the show.

You probably never heard of him, but Hans Zimmer, the composer, is responsible for making music for films like The Lion King, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Inception. I guess he never expected his music would be played at a fashion show. This fantasy-feeling suddenly ends with Vitalic’s “Polakamtic” and “Tout est magnifique” from Jacque, which create the perfect closure for this amazing collection.

by Rogelio Cázares

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