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Mugler recently presented its Spring/Summer 2021 collection with an array of amazing and breathtaking designs with transparencies, crazy silhouettes, and fancy pieces as well as some colorful items. The collection was presented through a very special fashion film, with visual effects and key moments that show the power of this collection.

“It’s important to do the jaw-dropping scandalous stuff; that’s what this house is built on. But it’s also about trying to address an interesting day-to-day wardrobe too.” 

Casey Cadwallader, Creative Director

Creative director: Casey Cadwallader, Film directors: TORSO, Stylist: Haley Wollens, Casting: Julia Lange, Casting Production: North Six, Photography directors: Alex Gvojic & Jake Moore, Editor: Anthony Valdez, Set design: And Or Forever, Choreographer: Sigrid Lauren, Music: TF, Makeup: Farah Homidi, Hair: Jimmy Paul, Nail: Mei Kawajiri, Opening concept originally created by MBG CORE. Featuring: Hunter Schafer @hunterschafer, Dominique Jackson @dominiquet.a.r.jackson, Omahyra Mota @omahyramotaofficial, Ajok Madel @ajokmadel, Bella Hadid @bellahadid, Soo Joo Park @soojmooj, Irina Shayk  @irinashayk, Anyelina Rosa @anyelinar_22, Ash Foo @ash_foo, Patia Borja @patia, Kembra Pfahler @kembrapfahler_, Alek Wek @msalekwek, Angeer Amol @angeer.amol, Aida Blue @blueaida, Eartheater @eartheater, and Emilio @3miliotamez.

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