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Momona Tamada: realistic representation

Momona Tamada is a joyful multifaceted artist who always makes you feel respected and welcomed. While growing up, she noticed the need for a more realistic representation of diverse people in media; therefore, she has been more than honored to be part of an ongoing movement that opens spaces and offers better opportunities for all.

Right now, she comes with a new project called Secret Headquarters for Paramount+. So, we talked about her career, that new movie, and so much more in this exclusive heartfelt interview for Vanity Teen.

Enjoy it!

Momona Tamada VT
Momona Tamada @momonatamada  | Photos ©Brandon Moningka

Realistic representation

VT: It seems that at age four, you found a passion for artistic expressions. Now that you are a teenager, how does that passion has evolved?

MT: 100% Acting has only deepened my passion for art, and I feel extremely grateful that I get to incorporate an aspect that I’m so passionate about in my everyday life. It only inspires me to explore more as an actor and artist.

VT: One of your most celebrated works has been The Baby-Sitters Club. So, metaphorically speaking, what do you owe to Claudia Kishi?

MT: Claudia Kishi helped me find so much more confidence and energy within myself. She, as a character, is so careless and free, which helped me really break out of my shell. As for everyday life and in my career, she has inspired and opened so many doors that I could never have imagined.

VT: What is it like to be part of a generation that cares more about the realistic representation of people than phenotypical characteristics?

MT: Being a part of a generation that celebrates realistic representation has been nothing but a dream. Growing up, I always felt like the entertainment industry lacked real representation. Although we still have a long way to go, I feel that we are taking a step in the right direction in making film and television as diverse as our modern world.

VT: Let us talk about your more recent projects. You are part of Secret Headquarters. So far, what can you share with us about this movie?

MT: I’m so excited for audiences around the world to see Secret Headquarters! This movie is definitely one for the whole family, filled with comedy, adventure, and action. Working on this film was such a fresh experience, and I can’t wait to share more about it!

VT: The cast, crew, and creative team of Secret Headquarters are phenomenal. What excites you the most about sharing with them and being part of this movie?

MT: From the very beginning, the entire creative team, especially the directors: Henry and Rel, ensured that our thoughts could always be shared with them. They were so collaborative in ways I’ve never experienced before working on a set.

The entire crew on SHQ was nothing but friendly, and I learned so many new things from working on this film. I clicked with the cast right away, and I’m so grateful to say that I’ve met some of my closest friends on this film!

Secret Headquarters | Official Trailer | ©Paramount+

A piece of yourself in me

VT: Which other projects do you have coming up?

MT: I just had an insane opportunity to work on an exciting new TV series that is still under wraps but will be revealed soon!

VT: Social media has allowed you to stay close to fans and followers. However, do you take breaks from social media to take care of yourself and preserve mental health? How so?

MT: Of course! Taking breaks from social media was one of the first things I learned when learning how to maneuver this new industry. At first, I had the mindset of quantity over quality. And I think I really struggled at that time. Now, I only post when I feel like it, keeping in mind my mental health and the connection of my followers!

VT: Which simple things make you happy?

MT: Taking time for myself. Spending time with my dog, baking, and even just spending the day watching TV! It’s so easy to tap into a “go, go, go” mindset, which often results in burnout and exhaustion. So, taking time to do simple things in my life has been a priority of mine.

VT: Which message would you like to share with all those who appreciate artists like you to help them feel represented in media?

MT: Even if it’s just a little bit, I hope you can find a piece of yourself in me, and I hope that this piece inspires you. If you can find someone out there who drives your passions and allows you to do what you want to do, I’m happy.

VT: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

MT: I think we were able to cover a lot today! Thank you, Jatniel, for having me!

Momona Tamada VT
Momona Tamada | Photos ©Brandon Moningka

Before we go

My heart smiles every time a person recognizes that representation matters. For ages, young people had to deal with cruel stereotypes and a lack of realistic representation in media. So, witnessing all the love, diversity, and acceptance Momona Tamada personifies is like fresh air for those who have been waiting for a time in which everyone may feel comfortable in their skin. We are so glad she is part of a history that celebrates diversities beyond what others may or may not think about how you should be due to outdated ways some others poorly portrayed your ancestors in the past.

Secret Headquarters is available now on Paramount+ everywhere, and there you can see Momona Tamada as one of the funniest action heroes you may get to know.

Go ahead, check the movie out. And, please, remember that representation matters!

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