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Modern ’90s by Mars Galbany

Photographer Mars Galbany @mars_fotografia presents this amazing fashion editorial exclusively created Vanity Teen online for named Modern ’90s with the gorgeous model Núria Oliu @nuriaoliu represented by Blow Models @blowmodels and MA Talent Model Management @talentmodelmgmt.

This fashion editorial was inspired by those strong trends that never die, they just transform and keep their energy with them, adapting to new times and inspiring the new generations.

“For this editorial, we started with backlighting shots in black and white, very classic but at the same time very current because even nowadays they are still a reference of many new photographers,” says the photographer Mars Galbany. “This mood allowed us to express without a doubt our insatiable love for all these clothes that seem to not have an end in the fashion industry: jeans, leather, black blazers, and simple tops. We didn’t need many shots to compenetrate with all the team members, we just had to find these clothes we had in mind to take the photos.”

Modern ’90s was shot in a studio in Barcelona with strong lights to light up the background as well as some Porex.

“The intention of this editorial is to try to reconcile the way a lot of generations dress, enabling them to feel identified in some way with the photos, creating a connection point between the different ages from these styling and photos.”

The model felt very comfortable during the shoot as she previously worked with them. That allowed her to transmit everything she wanted to transmit. “For me, these photos are fresh and natural with a sexy touch,” she says.

Model Núria Oliu @nuriaoliu represented by Blow Models @blowmodels and MA Talent Model Management @talentmodelmgmt, photographed by Mars Galbany @mars_fotografia, makeup by Núria Cobos Burset @nuriacobosburset, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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