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Manuel Turizo: a profound motivation

Manuel Turizo is one of those artists who prove that music knows no language barriers, and he always shows that Latin urban music is here to stay. When he was younger and lost, he found that making music was a profound motivation to be a better man and prosper.

Manuel Turizo

Manuel Turizo @manuelturizo | Photos by Salva Musté @salvamuste

On Vanity Teen, we love his optimistic approach to life, heartfelt songs, and kind smile. Therefore, we had a conversation to talk about his way to success, his new music, upcoming concerts, new plans for this year, and so much more.

So, do not miss this exclusive interview of our beloved Manuel Turizo for Vanity Teen.

Manuel Turizo
Manuel Turizo | Photos by Salva Musté

A profound motivation

VT: How would you describe your life before and after your song Una Lady Como Tú (A Lady Like You)?

MT: Before Una Lady Como Tú, I was like the lazy boy in my classroom, and my grades were the minimum required. I was clueless about what the things teachers said were helpful in real life. I even did not know what I was good for. I was like a little problem child at home.

And then, I don’t know, Una Lady Como Tú came to life, and personally, I found a profound motivation to be better, be disciplined, move forward, and prosper.

VT: Your single La Bachata is everywhere, and people love it. So, what would you like to say about that song and how welcoming people have been to it?

MT: If I am honest with you, knowing that people connect with it is everything I could ask for or dream about. It is what we expect from each song. If people connect with your music is like a reward for doing what you love the most. It is a priceless reward.

VT: Talking about La Bachata, have you ever had second thoughts about showing yourself as a vulnerable man the way you do it with this song?

MT: No way at all! Never! I think that is why many people called me the romantic one of urban music.
You know, I love to express feelings through lyrics. I do like to write stories.

La Bachata – MTZ Manuel Turizo | Video Oficial ©La Industria Inc

Nothing but joy

VT: Since you are an artist from this century, seeing on social media how your fans love you have got to be a grateful experience. But, how about receiving the same type of love in concerts and other live performances?

MT: I feel like it is the energy they radiate when we are at live concerts. I believe in energies. So, when I feel that good energy face to face, and seeing people enjoying with you, and you connecting with them, talking to them, look directly at them, sing along by their side, feel they are pleased with what you offer, all those things make you feel better, like a real-life battery charge.

A few days ago, I said that being in a live concert feels like an injection of adrenaline. And after that, you do not want to go to bed, and your mind feels nothing but joy.

VT: Next month, on October 8th, you will be in New York. What can you tell us about this musical visit to America?

MT: It will be a blast! Amazing! We will have the time of our lives if God permits.

Like I just said, we will enjoy the most. People will celebrate and have a pleasant time. As a musician, a singer, there isn’t a more beautiful thing than that.

VT: Will you continue to venture into the world of fashion?

MT: Totally! Sure! It is something I love a lot.

Manuel Turizo
Manuel Turizo | Photos by Salva Musté

It is all about moving forward

VT: Which other plans do you have for this year?

MT: From now on until the end of the year, there is my new song called “Éxtasis” featuring María Becerra. And my album 2000. Also, if God permits, I will be touring, maybe Spain, by the end of the year.

VT: How do you take care of your body and mental health?

MT: I eat a lot of lettuce! (Laughs). Lots of meat! (Laughs). And I train a lot. Honestly, I was very heavy while younger, and I was very accomplished because of it. So, I literally learned to understand that it is more important to know what my body needs instead of what I want to eat.

Food is like gasoline to your body. If you put diesel in a car that needs gasoline, you will break your car. Something similar happens to our bodies when we talk about food. It is not like: “you know, I feel hungry, so I will only eat hamburgers.” You need to balance your meals and nurture your body.

Regarding mental health, I feel like when I am training, my mind eases. Also, people around me help a lot. So, I do not let anyone disrupt my good energy.

VT: What message would you like to share with those young people who feel inspired by your music?

MT: Please, work hard for what you love. Do not let others tell you by no means that you are not good enough or say that you are incapable of doing something.

Even the person who feels least worthy, when works hard and is disciplined by waking up every day looking to strive and move forward, little by little, moving in the right direction, will eventually achieve what their heart desires.An inspiring story I always recall is the story of Ricardo Montaner. He had to work hard and receive rejections for ten years, and just a decade later, he began to be recognized and receive benefits from his music. Nowadays, I consider many young people feel like everything has to be right away, immediately. And things are not that way; it is all about moving forward a little each day until, without realizing it, you will be wherever you want and expect to be.

Manuel Turizo
Manuel Turizo | Photos by Salva Musté

Before we go

Hey, you young person, I invite you to think about this conversation I had with Manuel Turizo. Come on, turn on the music and listen to his discography! While you do so and enjoy La Bachata and some other of his hits, meditate that maybe you are a little unsure, or even insecure, about what you will do in life. So, remember his message, try out, find your passion, work hard, and change your life for good by doing what you love the most.

If you want to keep posted on everything Manuel Turizo has for us all, follow him on social media @manuelturizo.


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