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Louis Vuitton presented its pre-spring 2021 menswear collection, which mainly features dark tones such as cream, raven-black, beige and azure but it also includes pieces with really cool prints with the brand’s monogram, from camouflage to a bright and multi-colored toile monogram.

Abloh’s designs always come with a distinctive feature, from harnesses to the latest addition: cummerbunds for casual looks for a unique silhouette. This season’s suits embrace elements of workwear and pajamas using an innovative gouging technique, allowing a more detailed finish.

“We’re in a streetwear era, but I’m not satisfied with categories that are popular. I want to make a wardrobe. To me, that’s doing justice to the history and craftsmanship and savoir-faire of Vuitton.”

Virgil Abloh

All the accessories in this collection also feature the patterns in many various models, such as Keepal bags, Christopher backpacks and various iterations of the brand’s Discovery bag. The full looks are completed with hats, caps and berets.

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