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Lost in Color by Walter Worch

Photographer Walter Worch @thescandalouswolfgang presents Lost in Color, a very beautiful fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online with the model Gaby Jam @gaby_jam represented by Wilhelmina Models @wilhelminamodels.

The idea for this photoshoot was to use multiple colored looks against a bright green seamless background in order to create a bright and colorful combination with a sexy, powerful, and confident vibe. The editorial was shot mostly on film on a Pentax 645nii and the photographer’s trusty 5DMK4. The lighting was all window light from the photo studio in Brooklyn.

The shoot features natural light, a colorful background, and a model chosen for her emotional expression as much as her physical attributes as the photographer says.

“The strongest part of a picture is the sensation and the feeling which it creates, this being done through the agency of certain familiar objects more or less accurately depicted and represented with more or less completeness. The motive, then, in all pictorial work is to convey some thought or idea or sensation by means of a chosen subject.”

Alfred Horsley Hinton

“This is the basis of all my photography work and very sophisticated thought. I don’t document things with my photography, I make art which is a separate pursuit entirely,” says the photographer.

Model Gaby Jam @gaby_jam represented by Wilhelmina Models @wilhelminamodels photographed by Walter Worch @thescandalouswolfgang, exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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