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Liberal Youth Ministry SS21 "Ethnic Adolescent" Liberal Youth Ministry SS21 "Ethnic Adolescent" Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

Spring Summer 2021

Liberal Youth Ministry SS21 “Ethnic Adolescent”

The Mexican brand Liberal Youth Ministry @liberal_youth_ministry presents its Spring/Summer 2021collection named “Ethnic Adolescent” in Paris, being part of the Dover Street Market Paris showroom. This collection has 85 articles and will also be shown in a virtual showroom trough the platform JOOR.

The collection takes inspiration from various eras such as the conquest of imperial Spain, the Aztec youth and the iconic style of the last years of the ’60s.

“The collection represents a crash of ideas and references, as well as silhouettes, fabrics, and graphics while exploring the retro-futurism concept.”

Liberal Youth Ministry.

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