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LGN The Brief Capsule Collection

Louis-Gabriel Nouchi LGN presents The Brief collection, the brand’s first masculine underwear line, developed in France in collaboration with some of the world’s best manufacturers. Featuring the brand’s iconic asymmetrical opening, the amazing underwear pieces sensually reveal the skin, looking gorgeous on everyone. They come in three different colors: Optical White, Black and Nude, and they are made with an extremely soft fabric and an elastic waistband, providing maximum comfort and high resilience.

The collection is presented with a stunning visual campaign inspired by editorial, erotic classifieds. “Those advertised announcements at the end of a magazine that we stared as a guilty-pleasure, without even understanding their meaning.”

These men, as if frozen in time, against the trends of today’s virtual fantasies, carry a reading of the ever so sultry texts of the Marquis de Sade.

Campaign Photography: Ismael Moumin, Set Design: PAF Atelier, Graphic Design: Charlotte Taillet & Joel Colover, Makeup: Caroline Fenouil, Ruben Mas, Hair: Olivier Schawalder, Models: Eric Roma, Daniel Forow, Francois, Marin. Vanity Teen online!

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