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Lexy Kolker: a pretty grounded life

Lexy Kolker is having a great time! Her movie Manifest West is out now and is receiving great reviews. Also, she had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of sharing the screen with her beloved sister Ava Kolker, and she has found a voice and causes to stand up for, and all that by living a pretty grounded life.

For this exclusive interview, she was easy-going, talkative, and honest. So, we invite you to read the kind conversation we had only here on Vanity Teen.


Lexy Kolker: Manifest West
Lexy Kolker @lexykolker | Photo by Teren Oddo @teren_o

A pretty grounded life

JV: How did you find out performing arts were part of your passions?

LK: I was actually inspired by my sister Ava Kolker who I used to always watch on TV. I thought that looked really fun I and wanted to do that. Then, I decided to start auditioning when I was five years old, and I booked my first commercials in the first couple of months. I absolutely loved being on set and thought: this is what I want to do.

JV: Do you feel your life changed after international projects like Shooter or Freaks?

LK: My life changed thanks to those projects. I became homeschooled and really focused on being flexible; so I could dedicate my time to this industry. Otherwise, I try to be a pretty normal kid.

I hang out with my sister a lot, and we do activities like tennis and martial arts, and we like to travel. For the most part, however, I live a pretty grounded life.

JV: Since you were part of various musical projects, are you planning to keep singing?

LK: I mostly sing for fun. But I would be open to singing in acting projects, for sure.

Lexy Kolker: Manifest West
Manifest West | © Samuel Goldwyn Films

Manifest West

JV: Manifest West, one of your most recent projects, has been drawing attention lately. So, what would you like to tell us about this movie and the role you portray?

LK: Sure, Manifest West is a drama about a 10-year-old girl and her family who move up the mountain to escape city life and all of its pressures after her mom becomes mentally ill. But the family starts spiraling out of control as they live off the grid, and it is not at all what they expected.

I get to portray Riley Hayes, whose perspective the film is told through. Riley is very smart, strong, and intuitive, and she becomes the voice of reason when her parents lose their way. I personally loved the movie, and I hope everyone will enjoy it.

JV: By the way, how was sharing this project with Ava Kolker?

LK: It was so fun! There is actually a scene where we run around and chase each other and spray coke on each other with coke cans. We were laughing so hard we forgot we were filming. I loved working with Ava. She also plays a role where she is a bad influence on me, so that was definitely a stretch because she is my biggest role model.

JV: Which other plans do you have coming up?

LK: I am currently working a lot on social media and looking for my next acting project.

Manifest West | Official Trailer © Samuel Goldwyn Films

Trust the process

JV: Please, what would you like to share with us about your involvement in one of the latest campaigns of Fellow Americans?

LK: Yes, oh my goodness! It is so powerful. I am involved in a PSA that outlines all of the risks of unwanted pregnancies for teens and how important reproductive rights are for young women. You have to see it. It will be airing everywhere but is also posted on my Instagram account.

It is so well done because it is done with a lot of humor until the gut-wrenching final punch at the end.

JV: How does acting improve your mental health? What else do you do to stay sane and safe?

LK: Acting is the best escape for me. I love stepping into a new story and a new character and bringing to life the emotions they are going through.

I do martial arts, and I get to create on social media, especially TikTok, so that’s always fun.

JV: What is the best advice you have received so far?

LK: To enjoy and trust the process and not get discouraged when nothing is happening. Things will happen when they are supposed to, even if it’s not when you want them to. I think it’s an important lesson to remember when you get impatient waiting for your next success.

JV: Anything else you would like to share with Vanity Teen?

LK: I hope to continue to share my journey with everyone and that you can find me on Instagram at @lexykolker and TikTok at @lexykolker17.

Lexy Kolker
Lexy Kolker | Courtesy

Before we go

I adore how Lexy Kolker reminds us with her work that we can enjoy what we do but never lose the focus to share conscious messages that could help those we may reach thanks to the media.

If you want to stay close to her and her projects, remember that her film Manifest West is in theaters and on-demand, so you may have a pleasant time the best way you can, and do not forget that miss Kolker is very active on social media. Stay tuned to see all the good things she posts over there.

So, let us spread love and enjoy the perks of living a pretty grounded life.

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