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Le Chat Du Balcon by Paulina Gallardo

Paris-based photographer Paulina Gallardo @paulinagallardo.photography worked with the model Victor Andrier @victor.andrier represented by Caramba Mambo and Boyz @caramba_mambo_and_boyz to create this amazing fashion editorial exclusively created for Vanity Teen online!

“This majestic city full of Haussmenian balconies exposes and warns of the presence of Parisian cats, something that fascinates me a lot. This is the first “tirage” of this series of cats in Paris (I pretend to do more stories of cats). Victor, the model over the images, was the perfect boy for this series. He is half French and half Vietnamese and has a very feline look and energy. It was easy, with him, to portray one of those thousands of Parisian cats that rest on balconies or that roam the rooftops of the city. I had the idea from the inspirational impact I have of Paris and the cats, mainly on the rooftops. I wanted to portray one of those and also give a feeling of classy sensuality.”

The makeup was the work of Sarah Hebert  @harasmakeup and the hair by @guillehff. In charge of the styling was Karin @karin.canalesm, assisted by @laurie2718. Victor is wearing really amazing black pants of the talented designer Daichi Kato @daichikato1227. The whole team did an amazing job and the result is really good, with that mysterious and sexy vibe created by the setting and the lighting as well as by the gorgeous model’s face and body. It is both a very intimate and strong fashion editorial because of the combination of the background elements and the simplicity of a naked chest, and of course the cat eye looks stunning as well!

Model Victor Andrier @victor.andrier represented by Caramba Mambo and Boyz @caramba_mambo_and_boyz photographed by Paulina Gallardo @paulinagallardo.photography makeup by Sarah Hebert  @harasmakeup hair by @guillehff styled by Karin @karin.canalesm assisted by @laurie2718 wearing @daichikato1227. Exclusive for Vanity Teen online!

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