JORDANLUCA Debuts First Sunglasses Line Amid Brand's High Demand JORDANLUCA Debuts First Sunglasses Line Amid Brand's High Demand Vanity Teen 虚荣青年 Lifestyle & new faces magazine

JORDANLUCA Debuts First Sunglasses Line Amid Brand’s High Demand

The designer pair behind the JORDANLUCA brand has effectively captured the desires of their target audience, mastering the art of delivering what their customers and followers expect. Ever since their addition to the official Milan Men’s Fashion Week calendar, they have been swarmed with positive reviews and feedback on their work.

High Demand for JORDANLUCA’s Designs

The brand’s creations have gained a cult following among young fashion aficionados, and surprisingly, the more mature demographic as well. The designs by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, the brand’s creative directors, have frequently sold out in just a matter of days – a feat rarely accomplished in the current market without questionable sales tactics.

Launch of the First Sunglasses Line

As the brand rides its current wave of success, the team has decided to supplement the men’s pieces with a touch of raver by introducing their first line of sunglasses. The debut collection includes a single model, available in two colors, which was first showcased during the Spring/Summer ’23 fashion show.

Meet the XP1: Futuristic Cat-Eye Sunglasses

The sunglasses, named XP1, come in metallic silver and black. The design makes use of a flexible, lightweight thermoplastic, crafting the sought-after futuristic cat-eye shape. What makes this eyewear unique are the cut-out dagger designs on the nylon lenses.

Get Your Hands on JORDANLUCA’s First Sunglasses

So, what’s your take on JORDANLUCA’s first venture into eyewear? If it piques your interest, and you have £225 to spare, you can make a pair of yours via the brand’s website.

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